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Sunday, December 14, 2014

What is a Happyplus card and how do you use it?

What is a HappyPlüs Card?

A Happyplus Card is a privilege card that allows you to have cashless payments at top selected food stores nationwide, such as Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, and Mang Inasal. The card is powered by one of the country’s long time running trusted banks, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

Let me tell you why I have got a HappyPlüs Card.

One day, I went to Jollibee somewhere in Manila, Philippines. I made my order as usual. See, that time I was just like a week here in Manila, and kind of still conscious with my Tagalog (ironically, our national language by the way). I was definitely on strict save since being bankrupt far away from home would have been fatal.

Anyway, as I made my order at the counter, the cashier offered me a red card asking if I want to avail the perks and stuff it goes along with, I usually dodge such offers. The past experience I had with a privilege card didn’t go as well as expected (it just expired without me actually experiencing the benefits it claimed to bestow). But then this nice lady with the nameplate that says manager convinced me that the card was worth the Php 100.00. I guess she was using charm speak at that time, because before I even snapped out of the daze from the marketing spiels she was efficiently throwing at me, I nodded, handed some money I pulled out from my wallet, and the cashier went “kaching”.

Well, for one reason it was just plain simple. The lady manager was undeniably cogent at the way she market the product. Above all, I saw no reason to refuse the rewards the card tags along with it. With no hesitancy whatsoever, I filled up the form upfront at the counter, and paid the needed amount for the card.

There are additional FOUR sweet reasons why I bit the bait. (uh, except this bait doesn’t have a painful hook)

1. It offers FREE food for points.

Yes, like most privilege cards out there, this also works based on points system. The upside is that you don’t need to spend a thousand for just a point. Basically, you earn happypoints when you use your card and then use the points to get free yummy treats.

This is how it works; every Php 50 food purchase earns you one (1) happypoint. This is convertible to money; one (1) happypoint is equal to one (1) peso. Not bad, right? I mean it’s better than not getting anything at all, every 50php you purchase would be discounted then.

2. There’s a monthly raffle!

Seriously, I’m not really much into raffles (I’ve never won anything on any yet, ever). However, you’ve got no choice for this one, which is of course all good, who knows, Lady Luck might bump on you someday.

The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get. You just need to register online first (it’s so simple even a kindergartner can do it for you). After which, you just reload your HappyPlüs Card and get a chance to win of up to Php 100,000 every month! Take note that this is exclusive only to registered cardholders. You can register here.

The minimum amount that you can load is Php 100. An advantage about this is that you can definitely set an “eat out” budget, and stick to it.

Php 100 = 1 raffle entry
Php 300 = 5 raffle entries
Php 500 = 10 raffle entries
Php 1000 = 25 raffle entries

You would also get five (5) raffle entries, and avail of other exclusive promos when you register your card online. Like one time, they’ve got this Jollibee tumbler freebie, well, for 75 points. I had been eyeing on that tumbler ever since I got the card, but for the love of appetite, I exchanged my accumulated points for a Champ Cheesy Bacon Mushroom instead and got a glimpse of heaven.

3. Experience fast cashless payments

Once you have got your card loaded, you can start following your budget plan now. Say, for the entire month, you swear to spend only Php 1000. Then stick to it by reloading only the said amount into your HappyPlüs Card. For you not to be tempted to reload onsite, only bring cash that you would need for transportation or other necessities when hanging out or sauntering around malls.

There’s no need to search your wallet for cash or wait for change while your stomach keeps on cursing for food. All you need to do is just tap the HappyPlüs Card to pay for your food. Oh, please be reminded though, that sometimes, they would encounter some problems with their system, and won’t entertain any cards for the day. So, not bringing any extra cash might be suicide.

Then, if ever you run out of load, just reload your card (obviously). But of course, this is without going out of your budget. If you have consumed the entire Php 1000 “eat out” budget, for example, in the middle of a month, sorry cupcake but that would mean no more eating out for some time until next month.

4. You can earn more happypoints with Caltex.

I don’t own a car yet, so this is really not such a biggie for me, but just an FYI. When you gas up at Caltex, you can earn one (1) happypoint for every Php 100 fuel purchase. You can visit Caltex's website for a complete list of participating Caltex service stations.

5. FREE HappyPlüs coupons.

You get to avail of discounts from participating food chains. You just have to present the coupons at the cashier before ordering to claim the discount. There’s P50 to P100 off for a minimum of Php 250 purchase to be used for a single receipt purchase using the HappyPlüs Card.

I’m still using the card until now. I have earned quite some points and I’m reserving them for emergency purposes.

Another thing that I do is that, when I eat out with friends, especially when they can’t quite decide on which place to eat, I would usually suggest HappyPlüs participating food chain branches. While the never seem to end question on what to have is still on its toil, I go Math Miser on the menu and round the prices to a whole number. I then gather the money (we go Dutch, of course), then have it reloaded on my card upon ordering so that we get to pay through my card, if you can’t do the Math, that means I earn points for every purchase. My friends are aware of that, duh, it’s not like I’m getting their money or anything. I’ve still got enough cash to return them their change. The first time I did that, they got so curious. They sounded like interrogators pinning on a mysterious case of what-our-money-you-none-red-card—uh-what. You can try it too, just to let your people know, and make sure to return their exact change.

So, that’s it, my sense of promotiveness humors me. My final verdict; this card right here, could definitely help you in budgeting, especially if you’re fond of eating out, especially at Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, and Mang Inasal. You should grab one now! (seriously)

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