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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Cheapskate Warning: Improvised Costumes Often Lead To Epic Failure

It’s that time of the year again when people spend money to look freakishly ugly and creepy, for fun. I get it. It is when parents make their kids look like miniature zombies or Satan’s minions (I admit most of them look terrifyingly adorable, no irony here). However, those costumes, make-ups, props and all that are not for free. It’s even like, the scarier the costume, the more expensive it is. I’m telling you, multiple business cash in a lot on “ugly” during Halloween. Well, I think I can say you are sure damn lucky if you don’t need a mask to win the Scare Contest tonight, or make people along the streets run in terror trick or treating without even putting on a gruesome-like outfit (Every day is Halloween to some people.)

There are also others who let their creative juice flow out of their nutshell and find other means of looking like Dracula or Einstein… uh, I mean Frankenstein. You know for those like yours truly who doesn’t really set a budget for this sort of impermanent gratification (in short, I don’t have the expense, not bitter at all.) When others seem to necessitate dispensing money just to appear demonic, others who hesitate to invest even a penny on these things tend to just improvise.

This improvisation and creativity comes with a warning though. You may have tickled your fancy, but then remember, your aim is to look grotesque, you know, frightening. But then, some of the people here may have had a different point of view, or they just want to be shockingly, well, hilarious. You can take your pick though, the ones below are awesome, oh, yeah.

Here are some cheapskate suggestions for your cute minions...

1. Well, isn’t this ingenious? Dressing them up with empty boxes or paper bags would look Halloween-ish, too.

2. See what I mean, with a box and a paper bag. Ooh, isn't it, spooky?!

3. Oh my cheapskate, of course, I almost forgot. There’s nothing more gruesome than a black garbage bag.

4. See how enthusiastic he is in this Spiderman, uh, costume?! Totally adorable.

5. Let your baby trick or treat in sexy swagger style.

Enough with these brilliant cheapskate ideas for the kids, let’s now go over to the adults section.

6. Tadaa! TMNT, baby!

7. Believe it or not, you can even be the Pope on Halloween without spending much.

8. You can be, well, you can possibly be, a sexy ghost. Look around the house, you’ll surely find something.

9. Your loaf monster costume would surely give them nightmares!

10. Come on! Nobody can resist Kool-Aid.


You can also do what she does… you’ll surely scare the crap out of everybody you’ll come across with.


What would be your costume for tonight?  

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