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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Move Out the Cheapskate Way

There will come a time when a little birdie would eventually manage to fly on its own and leave its nest, far out and away from its siblings and parents. I would consider this, an intro for this, uh, article, and well yes, I am talking about myself, metaphorically of course, I am not little though, nor am I a birdie. So what are the steps one must make towards independence?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Philippine Nurses in Black Protest: A cheapskate nurse relates!

During those childhood times when I was still playing gullibly with my little friends, role playing scenes in a clinic or a hospital that I started thinking, I am going to be a doctor someday. However, as time passed by, due to certain unwanted occurrences, such as economic issues and my late father’s business diving to the abyss, I was brought by the thought that I ought to choose a career that would require lesser investment but would yield large income, should be medically related and in demand but would need shorter length of brain torment. That was when I started dreaming what most people in the country had dreamt as well, to become a nurse.

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